Burning Down the House

According to BrokeAgent, an agent set fire to his client's home and burned it down.

OK, so the fire was a definite faux pas. A glaring error, and such a big one that I'm sure the client's lawyers will help the client get what's right.

The agent's attitude as quoted seems to come across leaving a bit to be desired, too.

Let's just say, though, that the devastating fire didn't happen and ask these burning (I couldn't resist) questions:

(1) Why was the agent smoking on the property, anywhere on the property, in the first place?

(2) If he just HAD to do that, why did the agent "flick his cigarette" anywhere vs. disposing of it properly?

This, mind you, is a pet peeve of mine about any smoker that does this anytime, anywhere. Just plain don't litter, especially not on your client's property while you're marketing the home for sale. That right there would be enough for me to fire the agent if I were the seller.

If you're selling your home, you might wish to add a "no smoking" clause in the listing contract, and, hmm, something else, oh yeah -- make sure your insurance is up to date!