I did it, and I feel better now.


I did it! I don't know what if anything will come of it, but I feel so much better just for having done it.

What's "it" you ask?

Offered to foster a dog.

In December of 2015, 75 dogs were removed from the property of an Adams County man here in Colorado. 15 dogs were left with this man (that's the limit in this area), so there were 90 dogs on the property! The 75 removed dogs were disbursed to various area shelter facilites and those facilities are working to find the dogs homes.

One dog, a 5 year old male English Setter, was adopted out but was then involved in a bite incident. He was returned to the shelter and is now in quarantine. When his quarantine is done, he will be euthanized if a rescue organization does not take him in (he's not allowed to be released back to a regular shelter facility - it's a rescue org or death). The Southwest English Setter Rescue is looking to take him in and needs to have a foster home set up for him quickly.

His situation plucked my heart strings, so I polled the household to see if he could come stay with us for a while. Happily, hubby, our housemate, and our two dogs are all in agreement that this would be A Good Thing To Do.

So an e-mail has been sent, their foster application filled out, we've already had first contact with a human from the rescue organization, and we'll be talking tomorrow.

I don't know where this will go, but I feel so much better for at least making the offer to foster this guy. If he gets to come live with us for a time while acclimating to a life with only 2 other dogs instead of 89 others, all the better.