If time and money were not a concern ... self-improvement choices?

Recently in a business course I'm taking our instructor pointed us to the American Management Association (AMA) training courses and asked: "If time and money were not a concern, which three courses would you want to take and why?"

Here's my response:

Oooh wouldn't this be sweet!

Creativity and Innovation - to be able to stay out of the box. I won't be following the "traditional" sales methods once I start my real estate career so I'll be outside the box to start and need to do something besides looking back at the box and wonder "ok, now what?"

The Secret to Getting Through to Anyone - because I have the book this course is based on in my Nook and it's next up to read :0), and because it's always good to learn how to listen, establish lines of communication, and deal with difficult people in any part of one's life.

How to Communicate with Diplomacy, Tact, and Credibility - because I tend to lack diplomacy and tact, which can undermine my credibility.

She picked up, pretty easily methinks, on the lack of technical interest and asked about that. My thoughts are that having spent 18 years now in the information field as a tester then developer, I feel I pretty much have the majority of the technical skills I'll need to have in the real estate industry. Perhaps I'll be surprised, but that's my thinking at the moment.

Creative thinking, innovation, communication, and people skills, on the other hand, I think would help in my current job, help in my new career, and are likely skills worth revisiting and refining all my life. At least until such time as I choose to become the crotchety old lady hermit in the neighborhood, at any rate.

If you had the time and money, which courses would interest you and why?