Introducing: Chance

Late last week I wrote a blog post called I did it, and I feel better now. Today I'm happy to introduce the new, temporary, member of our household: Chance.

He'll be staying with us a while in order to decompress and just BE in a home for a while before moving on to an appropriate furever home.

In the last five weeks this fella's been:

  • prior to 2015-12-17: At his home in Adam's County, from which he was removed along with 74 other dogs. This was from All Setter Rescue (ASR) in Adam's County, an unlicensed facility.  In Colorado, the maximum number of dogs/cats without a shelter license is 15 (PACFA Rules 8 CCR 1201-11 2.0 - F - 2), thus the removal of the dogs in excess of the allowed amount.
  • 2015-12-17: At the Aurora Animal Shelter, from which he was adopted.
  • 2015-12-24: At his adoptive home, where he bit an adult.
  • 2016-01-11: At the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, to which he was surrendered following the bite and where he spent his time under quarantine.
  • 2016-01-20: At his new foster home.

Counting his home at ASR, that averages to one location per week. That's enough change to drive anyone a wee bit silly, yes?

So far so good. He was bright, perky, and friendly when we met at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley for pick up. He was eager to get into the Jeep, putting his paws up and looking at me, tail wagging. He showed no inclination to jump up, though, and allowed me to pick him up and get him situated in the travel crate with no issue. The trip home was quiet and uneventful - no barking, whining, scratching, pacing, drooling, or puking {whew}.

The girls met himand approve of his stay. Lu C. Fur really wants to play with him, but she'll have to wait her chance {hehheheh}. He pretty quickly adjusted to being in the office / doggie den area with me, and nicely greeted first our housemate after a few barks first and then my hubby as they each came home from their commute-to-work jobs. The first night in the crate was uneventful with only some minor whining to start. Then he settled until morning.

A picture by my desk last night - already getting a bit too comfortable maybe?

If you'd like to follow Chance's story further, check out his brand-new Facebook page.