Listing Snob

OK, so having a reluctant geeky/techy background I've long been a website snob. I'll visit a website and often click right back away from it within seconds if it's an old out-dated style or poorly organized or whatever my eyes are catching on that particular day.

Now I'm turning into quite the listing snob. Not on clients' behalf certainly. When I get clients I'll look at any listing that might suit their needs. For my own viewing pleasure, however, it seems I'm getting rather snobbish. Here's what I'm finding my feelings are when I'm looking at listings, and these are just my opinions, I'm certainly not here to bash anyone's style.

The Good:

Pictures, quality pictures and as many as can be uploaded. Links to videos, virtual tours, and/or standalone websites*. Well-written descriptions which avoid over-used keywords, phrases, and puffery. Aerial photos and videos. Floorplans. Site plans (esp. for multi-building estates).

The Bad:

Photoshopped images. Images of cluttered and/or loads of personal items.  "Virtual Tours" which are just a repeat of the listing images with simulated movement. Floorplans that are included as an image too tiny to be useful and which can't be enlarged (so why bother?). Same info included in both public + broker remarks, or in broker remarks + showing info. Use of the word "throughout" (e.g. wood floors throughout) when the pictures clearly show that to not be true.

The Ugly:

ALL CAPS. Exclamation points! Capitalizing Every Single Word. Lack of  white space (where it's a lister's choice vs. an MLS limitation.) Poor spelling. Poor grammar. Links that don't work. Blurry images. Images with excessive glare spots. Repetitive images. Images for luxury homes with items in obvious disrepair w/ no accompanying explanation. Shaky videos.

All in all though, I've been having a lot of fun and learning lots since I got access late last week to the MLS. :0)


* Standalone sites are great. Sadly, with my combined listing & website snobbery, on some sites I'm gone again before the page even fully loads. My loss, or theirs?