Location and Perspective - Basic Concepts Reinforced

This weekend hubby was out of town visiting family so I went wild and went out to lunch with girlfriends on both Saturday and Sunday. {Ha ha, gotcha didn't I? Yes, yes, I'm not very wild.} In addition to spending the days {lunch with these ladies never equates to "just lunch"} with fabulous people, each day I heard something during our conversations which I tucked away into the mental bank for later reference.

Saturday's nugget goes towards ye olde locatione, locatione, locatione chant. A friend and her hubby have been in their house many years and love it.  Turns out that while it certainly met their basic criteria they picked it largely because it was hard to find.

My friend's hubby hadn't even been able to find it at all when he was trying to do his initial drive-by. I know what my response to that would be - "can't find it = don't want it, next!"

Hard to find was, however, exactly what they wanted and that just reinforces for me that the where can matter more than the what.

Sunday's nugget goes towards ye olde perspective shift - seller's market vs. buyer's market. In the Denver area right now sales are zipping right along. As as soon-to-be fully licensed real estate agent I think this is fabulous!

I can't remember now the exact point that was being conveyed by my friend at the time, but something triggered the thought in my head that "oh yeah, buyers certainly aren't happy about the market right now." That, in turn, reminded me of two friends who have recently purchased -- one ended by buying a house that was on the market for around 12 hours when they made their offer, and another who had five offers rejected before their sixth one was accepted.

This is certainly a timely reminder for me so that I remember to consider things from both perspectives. Plus, since I'm likely to be working mostly with buyers as I start out in the industry, I really need to (a) keep forefront in my mind the challenges that face a buyer in seller's market and (b) learn how best to help them navigate through those challenges.

All in all, two fun days with great friends and good reminders. :0)