Open House Tour: Lessons Learned #2: Know Your Technology, Part 1

Try EACH Device!

We left our Open House Tour Lessons Learned saga headed out the door, eager and ready to start on our way. Turns out, we weren't, well I wasn't, quite ready. While prepping the houses to tour, I'd marked each one as a favorite on thinking to pull them up on the smartphone app as we wished to view data.  "Easy enough," I thought, "just download the app and go." Downloaded. Gone.


I couldn't get logged into the app. Turns out, there is no Facebook-assisted login option available on the app {sigh} and I'd not created a website specific password because I was logging in each time via Facebook credentials. Being a reluctant geek, I knew this meant inputting in my user ID and my Facebook password into  the app's login page was not likely to work. I tried it anyhow of course but only proved myself right.

Muttering to myself, I called a halt to the walking-out-the-door portion of our program, headed back to my PC. I turned it back on, waited for boot up, and logged into the website (again with the Facebook assist) and set about creating a site-specific password. Once that was done I gave it a go in the app and voila, it worked.

This all didn't take long, and hubby's a great sport, but I was glad this lesson was learned in front of "just hubby" and not something I did in front of a client. Especially since I should have known better!

Lesson re-Learned #2: Know your technology -- if something can be accessed via multiple devices be sure to try accessing it on EACH device you plan to use before taking off for the day.

Was that the only technology related glitch of the day? Hmm ....