Open House Tour: Lessons Learned #5: Wear Comfortable Clothing


Have you been following our open house tour? Are you going on an open house tour of your own? If so, please dress comfortably! My open house tour lessons learned #5: wear comfortable clothing! By the time we reached the 4th house, my semi-new flats were chewing into the big toe on my left foot. I put a band-aid on the toe before we went in and that helped alleviate the discomfort, but I was sure wishing I'd just worn my regular shoes. Heck, I even wore riding/hiking boots at my wedding, what the heck was I thinking to not be wearing them on our 10-house trek?!

I was also in jeans and a presentable but thick shirt, so I was roasting and sweating in the unseasonal heat. I'd thought trying to look semi-dressed up would be worth the potential discomfort. I think I was wrong, especially as compared to other open house visitors. People were in shorts, t-shirts, sandals, etc., all screaming (silently of course) of their comfort and coolness.

Photo by OpenClipartVectors

Even some of the people holding the houses open were in shorts and t-shirts with no badge or other official-looking indicators. I'm not so sure I would do that if I were in their shoes as it made them very hard to distinguish from the visitors! So lesson learned #5a = when holding a house open, be sure to look professional and have a way for visitors to easily identify you as the official go-to person.

I think, though, that even in an official capacity, the clothing needs to be comfortable. Professional, yes, but also comfortable. When I think professional in terms of clothing I think neat, clean, of nice quality. Business casual perhaps, not necessarily suits and ties, or heels and pearls. To me, clothing choice would even be a safety-related concern as well (and for me heels are never ever safe for my ankles or toes) -- Can I safely navigate the different levels of the home? Can I carry all my important items in pockets so I don't worry about leaving valuables unattended at times? Can I run in this outfit if needed?

Join us next time for a few notes about ... notes!