Test Day

Test Day

Are you a happy test-taker or a stressed test-taker? Me, I'm a happy one. I'm not sure why I've never had test-taking anxiety, but I haven't and I sure wouldn't change that for the world. My exams were today, the Colorado state exam and the national exam for obtaining my real estate license. Their approved vendor was PSI and I've had experience with them before when taking Microsoft exams for my day job. I brought my proof of coursework completion, my driver's license, and the clothes on my back into the building and found the PSI office. Even though I was early, after the obligatory exchange of paperwork and picture taking I was able to start right in on the exams.

The computer monitors were old, but certainly serviceable. Just a bit of a shock to see an ancient CRT staring me in the face (love my big, flat screens at home!). I logged in and plugged my way through the items one by one. After I finished submitting the last question and confirmed and reconfirmed that I meant to "complete" the exam, I went back to the reception area and waited. It took only moments and the proctor was smiling and telling me I passed. Yippeeiiieeeeee!

Not that anyone's interested, but I'll just take a moment to disclose the numbers. :0)

I just love that they give feedback by topic too.

Too bad we can't see what we got right and wrong and the correct answers, and which ones were "experimental" in nature. I understand the reasons certainly, but one can still wish.

Anyhoot, I'd just like to say that if your testing is looming: study hard, be familiar with the basics and the broad-strokes, and know something about test-taking educated-guess strategies and you'll do fine!