The Auto Mechanic's Car

Photo by Foundry

Have you ever heard the saying that the car in the worst shape belongs to the auto mechanic? I have. {Ummm, of course I have, why else would I write it. C'mon coffee, kick in already!} For those who haven't, it means that because a mechanic might spend so much time working on other cars they don't have the time, or sometimes the inclination, to work on their own. So their car often seems to be in the worst shape. As I  look around our house mentally tallying up the things I'd suggest to us if we were going to put it on the market, I wonder if it's a case of the "auto mechanic's car".

Except I'm not actually IN real estate yet, so what excuse do I have? None.

Photo by jarmoluk


How, I ask myself, could I let someone - who might be otherwise inclined to use my services someday - see the house in its current state of chaos and expect them to still request my services. Should they still choose to do so, it's quite likely I'm going to look around their home and suggest to them that they will need to keep it clean, uncluttered, in good repair, staged, and so on. If they express the expected and valid but, but, life happens, how do we do that? concern I might possibly even have the nerve to say Well I know it will be an inconvenience, but you can do it!

A case of do as I say, not as I do? Hmm, well that philosophy never worked very well on me.

Photo by exis

Appearances aren't everything, but impressions are lasting and take time and exposure to overcome. If, that is, you even get the chance after the first one is made.

Guess I ought to get off my behind and finish up some of these projects.

How's your "car" running these days?