Trick Your Pets, Don't Treat!

For a happy Halloween, I suggest that you should trick your pet and not treat them. I know, I know, usually the pets do the trick and get a treat. At least that's how things work at my house. Pet safety is a concern during this weekend. To me, it's worth "tricking" my dogs into ...

  • Not going to the door.
  • Not going outside without supervision.
  • Not wearing costumes which impinge on sight, hearing, or movement (or which cause undue embarrassment.)

... and keeping them away from the treats and decorations.

Some common items to keep in mind that are potentially deadly for your pet:



Raisins / Grapes


Glow Things (sticks, jewelry, etc.)


For more information, check out

Here's wishing all the pets, and their people too, a safe and happy Halloween!