What are your favorite tips for running a business?

This guy's a bit, hmmm, different in his presentation style, but by the end of the first run through I kind of enjoyed the quirkiness. Turns out he's a public relations director *and* a part-time stand-up comedian. Who's the guy? Dillon Wilson of Social Media Top Team.

The presentation is "10 Fast Tips to Grow Your Small Business" (a.k.a. "10 Commandments of Speed" for some reason) and I was watching it because of a business course I'm taking.

The tips:

  1. Run a client-centered business
  2. Focus on the future
  3. Be an innovator
  4. Always seek to improve quality
  5. Get rapid, accurate feedback
  6. Focus on agility
  7. If you can't demonstrate measurable value, don't do it
  8. Build teams not bureaucracies
  9. Lifelong learning is mandatory
  10. Do it now

#1 is my absolute main goal going into the real estate services business - building a client-centered business. I'm very much doing #2 - focusing on the future, and I've always maintained that I'll be a lifelong student (#9).

Agility (#6) and Metrics (#7) are buzz words in my current job. Very familiar there, I'll just have to determine how they apply to my new venture.

The other five I'll look into in more detail to see what nuggets I care to take with me.

Do any of these tips resonate with you?

What are your favorite tips for running a business?