Why Service, At Your Service, Real Estate Services?

Crystal Ball

Why "Service", "At Your Service", "Real Estate Services"? First and foremost I will not be in salesWhen people think of the real estate profession, the sad truth is that many think "sales" often followed by "pushy", "cold calls", and even "harass". These are not terms with which I wish to be associated. Those who know me know those concepts are also not a fit for my personality type. I'm an introvert and I absolutely do not push myself on people. I often wonder why my smartphone has a phone component. What the heck is that for anyway?! I generally prefer staying home to going out into large groups of people. I tend to observe and enjoy more than interact. (BTW: I am not shy. So please, don't get me started on the introversion vs. shyness rant.)  I do not do unto others that which I would not want done unto me. This rules out, for me, the following "old school" mainstays of the profession:

  • Cold Calling Strangers
  • Expired Listings
  • FSBOs (For Sale by Owner)
  • Mass Marketing
  • Networking with a Vengeance
  • Referral Begging*

"So, then, how will you succeed?" some might ask.

Good question!  Let me answer that by asking (and answering) a series of questions.

Who does the selling in a real estate transaction? The real estate agent? No! The seller is {drum roll please} the owner of the property. The real estate agent provides a service {ah, there's that word!} to a seller or a buyer. Rather, a variety of services such as assistance with required disclosures; drawing up and modifying contracts to suit  (within limits, agents practice "limited law" by doing contracts, we can only modify so much and within approved manners before a lawyer must be involved); knowing how to navigate the ins and outs of the transactions; and more!

How will I provide those services? By guiding my clients through the process (getting/making an offer can be a high point, but it's only an early step in the whole journey to closing); educating them when asked; communicating with them in a timely and consistent manner; providing educated guidance; and much more! Most importantly I think, I'll be putting current clients first over any future potential clients. A bird in the hand ...

How will clients find me if I'm not doing these things I say I won't do? Slowly, I imagine, rather slowly.

I'm okay with that! I have long-term aspirations of leaving my day job so I'm not looking to become a top producer this year (or, most probably, any year). That' s not my goal. My goal is to slowly build a base of extremely satisfied clients then eventually drop my day job. Conversely, should my day job disappear before I'm otherwise "ready" I  already have Plan B in place so can ramp up my efforts of my new venture at that time.

As for specifics on what I will do, well I have this blog and you're reading it aren't you? I have a member account at ActiveRain to interact with other agents which can lead others to my web. I have a Facebook page (well, three really, but that's another day's topic). Once I'm licensed I'll have a full website with MLS integration for people to use and there they can learn who I am and what I can provide. Soon I'll have oodles of agents at my mercy for brain-picking.

I have friends, family, and acquaintances; they in turn  have friends, family, and acquaintances; and so on. Motorcycle riders! Wheelers! Dog people! I'll certainly let any of these people know I'm an agent if they ask what I do, but as part of a friendly conversation and not as a pitch. Also, I'll be interviewing** friends and family and fellow agents about their experiences (good and bad) and what they look for in an agent (among other relevant topics).

Eventually, clients will seek me out ("if you build it, they will come" or "law of attraction", choose your ideology) and I will then provide the very best service I can to those clients. This, well-done, will lead to rewards - positive relationships, commissions, and yes, even possibly an unsolicited referral or two.

I will build my service-oriented business one satisfied client at a time.



* This is not my term, I stole it. Some readers might recognize an affinity, an influence, and/or a leaning towards concepts from Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn's Soul  series. After reading book after book espousing cold calling, chasing owners with expired listings and/or owners selling their own properties, and so forth all I could say was this method is not for me, there has to be something different out there (notice I said different, not better; better is subjective). I finally found Jennifer's books when I explicitly went looking for material on non-traditional methods.

** First one was done earlier this year - see my post about safety inspired by an interview with a fellow agent (well she is already, I'm not yet) and high school friend Kristie Parker. Thanks Kristie!