To request access to my REcolorado custom client portal, please use the form below.

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I am requesting portal access for searching the MLS. *

It's totally free from cost or obligation. I won't use your information to contact you other that to let you know your portal has been created. You, of course, are then welcome to contact me with any questions or if you should wish me to set-up a showing for you to see a property, or two, or a hundred. 

This portal allows you to search properties across Colorado. It's usable on a desktop/laptop as well as on mobile devices. You can search based on a multitude of property features (e.g. bedrooms, bathrooms) as well as map location. You can save searches, mark properties as favorites, possibilities, or hide them. You can have the system e-mail you updates. You can save notes on properties and message me about properties directly from within the system.

If that's not enough, there are even more functions available to me on the back-end and I can create a customized search for you upon request (e.g. search multiple areas, exclude areas, and set addtional restrictions not available on the front-end. I'm happy to do this and then we can tweak the criteria any time you wish it to be changed. 

Explore Alternatives:

Here are some popular property search systems.

You are, of course, welcome to contact me about any property you see within any search system.

I'll be happy to either assist you myself or refer you to another excellent agent to serve your needs.

Search via Homesnap. This site plus app (iOS and Android) gives you the ability to create an account yourself, search by area (e.g. Perry Park or Bow Mar -- very cool, try it!), your location (using GPS), snap a photo of a home and see details, send messages, and share and rate properties. Additionally, you can view recent sales, live market activity, and market information. Great stuff! You can't: select an area on the map by shape, make notes, or hide properties, and I would not be able to customize any searches for you. 

Search at REcolorado. This direct version (vs. my portal above) gives you the ability to create an account yourself, and to save searches and mark favorites. It has the same properties from all around Colorado that you can search via the custom client portal.  You can even set me as your preferred agent if you wish. However, you can't make notes within this version, we can't trade messages, you can't mark properties as possibilities or hide them. I would not be able to customize any searches for you. 

Search at Aggregate Sites*., and so on. These sites give you the ability to search without necessarily creating an account. You can create an account if you wish, which then typically gives you the ability to save favorites and possibly receive updates. Feel free to contact me if there's a home you want to go see!

*A note about aggregate sites -- these are not direct-MLS systems, they either pull data from the source MLS systems into their system or are pushed data through syndication, and thus the data found within them might be out of sync with reality. e.g. Many times you'll see properties showing as Active but they are Under Contract, have been Sold, or have been taken off the market for othter reasons. Please be prepared for this as it can be VERY disappointing to find a home you really want to visit only to find out it is no longer available and hasn't been for months, or in some cases, even years. This is not to say that everything you see on REcolorado, or any other direct-MLS system, will be available, especially in a market in which listings move quickly, but the frequency of that happening is much lower and the delay between a property changing status and being reflected properly is much less (hours or days vs up to months or even years).