I'm building a list of recommended team members for you to peruse. Ideally, I'll eventually have three or more of each for you to view. You are always encouraged to do your own research then make your choice(s) whether you found it here or elsewhere. Suggestions are listed in alphabetical order.

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I highly recommend myself, of course! If you like what see on my website, please contact me if you have questions, whether or not you're looking to buy and/or sell right now. If I don't already know the answers, I'll get them. If you are ready to buy and/or sell and we together determine your situation would be better served by someone else, I'll be happy to refer you to another agent within Cherry Creek Properties or to an outside agent, as needed, to meet those needs. MY goal is the best possible experience for YOU.

SpinOne Group (you are here!)Me!

HomeSmart Cherry Creek


Typically your lender will handle the details of the appraisal during a buy/sell transaction or a refinance. However, there are other times when you might want an appraisal for your own purposes, such as deciding whether to sell now or hang on and sell later, finding out the impact of improvements you've made, etc.

Colorado Association of Real Estate Appraisers


Inspections are highly encouraged in order to more fully understand the condition of the property you are buying, maintaining, or even when selling. There are many different flavors of inspections - general, structural, radon, mold, roof, sewer, lead paint, energy/thermal and so on. Which one(s) you'll want will depend on your specific circumstances - check with your agent. NOTE: for new home construction, it is recommended that you get TWO inspections done: 1x before drywall goes up and then 1x before final walkthrough.

A Rock Solid Home Inspection

CBA Home Inspections

HERO Inspections & Engineering Services

Pillar to Post


Homeowner's Insurance will be required by your lender, if you're using one, and is something one should get regardless. The investment in a home is just too large to take chances without coverage!

AllstateJim McInnes


Unless you're paying cash, or someone else is paying for the property for you (wouldn't that be nice?!), you'll need a lender in your corner in order to purchase your new property.

American Financing

Freedom Mortgage

Guild Mortgage Company

Westerra Credit UnionSage M Roelfsema


If "One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words." (~ Fred R. Barnard) then 35 pictures in your MLS listing are worth 35,000 words. That's a lot words working in your favor. If you're going with "for sale by owner", and unless you're a whiz with the camera, might I suggest a professional photography service for your listing?

Grape Imaging

Media Max Agency


Radon Testing and Mitigation

Radon is an invisible, tasteless, orderless, naturally-occuring gas formed by the decay of uranium in rocks and soil. The EPA has linked radon to tens of thousands of lung cancer deaths per year. Testing and mitigation options exist.

ACE Radon

Reliant Radon

S.W.A.T. Environmental

Home Updates and Repairs

When looking at your property with a critical eye you often find things which you wish to have repaired before you put it on the market. Also, after you accept a buyer's offer there might be additional repairs negotiated to be completed prior to closing the sale. Then of course, ongoing maintenance needs are routine.

Arbor Scape

MZ ElectricKeith Lynn

Home Staging

First impressions can be difficult to overcome. Present your property at it's finest, both inside and out. See also: Home Updates and Repairs section.

Colorado Premier Staging, LLC.

Title Companies

"Title companies generally act as the combined agent of the insurance company, the buyer, the seller, and any other parties related to a real estate transaction, such as mortgage lenders. The title company reviews title, issues insurance policies, facilitates closings, and files and records paperwork." ~ Chron

Fidelity National Title

Heritage Title

Land Title Guarantee Company

North American Title


Home Warranties can help you through unexpected repairs/replacement for covered items. These companies have warranties available for purchase to cover the listing period (coverage for Seller) and/or to cover one-year (typically) from date of close (coverage for Buyer).

Fidelity National Home Warranty

First American Home Buyer's Protection Corporation

Home Warranty of America