Broker Duties to Buyer

(BC60-8-13) (Mandatory 1-14) The Mandatory MM-YY portion shows the month and year in which the form became required for all subsequent transactions.

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5. BROKERAGE DUTIES. Brokerage Firm, acting through Broker, as either a Transaction-Broker or a Buyer’s Agent, must perform the following Uniform Duties when working with Buyer:

5.1. Broker must exercise reasonable skill and care for Buyer, including but not limited to the following:

5.1.1. Performing the terms of any written or oral agreement with Buyer;

5.1.2. Presenting all offers to and from Buyer in a timely manner regardless of whether Buyer is already a party to a contract to Purchase the Property;

5.1.3. Disclosing to Buyer adverse material facts actually known by Broker;

5.1.4. Advising Buyer regarding the transaction and advising Buyer to obtain expert advice as to material matters about which Broker knows but the specifics of which are beyond the expertise of Broker;

5.1.5. Accounting in a timely manner for all money and property received; and

5.1.6. Keeping Buyer fully informed regarding the transaction.

5.2. Broker must not disclose the following information without the informed consent of Buyer:

5.2.1. That Buyer is willing to pay more than the purchase price offered for the Property;

5.2.2. What Buyer’s motivating factors are;

5.2.3. That Buyer will agree to financing terms other than those offered; or

5.2.4. Any material information about Buyer unless disclosure is required by law or failure to disclose such information would constitute fraud or dishonest dealing.

5.3. Buyer consents to Broker’s disclosure of Buyer’s confidential information to the supervising broker or designee for the purpose of proper supervision, provided such supervising broker or designee does not further disclose such information without consent of Buyer, or use such information to the detriment of Buyer.

5.4. Broker may show properties in which Buyer is interested to other prospective buyers without breaching any duty or obligation to Buyer. Broker is not prohibited from showing competing buyers the same property and from assisting competing buyers in attempting to purchase a particular property.

5.5. Broker is not obligated to seek other properties while Buyer is already a party to a contract to purchase property.

5.6. Broker has no duty to conduct an independent inspection of the Property for the benefit of Buyer and has no duty to independently verify the accuracy or completeness of statements made by a seller or independent inspectors. Broker has no duty to conduct an independent investigation of Buyer’s financial condition or to verify the accuracy or completeness of any statement made by Buyer.

5.7. Broker must disclose to any prospective seller all adverse material facts actually known by Broker, including but not limited to adverse material facts concerning Buyer’s financial ability to perform the terms of the transaction and whether Buyer intends to occupy the Property as a principal residence.

5.8. Buyer understands that Buyer is not liable for Broker’s acts or omissions that have not been approved, directed or ratified by Buyer.