Broker Relays Between Client and Other Parties

Don’t Burst The Bubbles!

At all times, the Broker acts as a relay between YOU and the other Broker, who in turn relays to/from their Client.

What This Means to You

Yes, this “complicates things” versus just talking directly to the other parties yourself.

Yes, this is in your best interests, and is a large benefit to utilizing a Broker via an agency agreement versus doing this on your own.

You hired me, let me do my job to protect your best interests. :0)

NOTE: If at any point you should find yourself in the position to communicate directly with the other Broker, their assistants, Seller/Buyer, and/or their contractors (inspectors, appraisers, etc.), please carefully consider what you say to them.

The smoothest transactions are ones where we all share information, however we rarely share all information.

ASSUME everything you say could potentially impact your contract and/or negotiating position.

 I’d prefer that you and I consult as to how you want to respond to questions. This helps protect you from giving away negotiating power and/or prevent complications to the transaction by accidentally agreeing* to something that you might not actually want to add to the contract.

* Of course, nothing’s set in stone until it’s in writing and signed by all parties, but nevertheless an oral agreement that’s not followed through can create ill-will and stir up controversy and that can impact further negotiations and/or result in eventual contract termination. Nobody wants that!