Closing Disclosure

Contracts, including applicable deadlines, often vary. See your contract, and speak to applicable professionals, to determine how any deadline may apply to you.

This is the date on or before which the Lender must provide BUYERS with a Closing Disclosure document. This gives the BUYER time to review the document for any errors or concerns.

DEADLINE DATE IS DERIVED:  This document must be delivered a minimum of three (3) business days prior to Closing date.

For an in-depth review of this document please see the CFPB‘s interactive Closing Disclosure Explainer. Note that there are multiple pages, and you can switch between the “Check Details” and “Get Definitions” view as desired.

NOTE: The SELLER will receive an abbreviated version of the Closing Disclosure document at Closing. The Seller’s version does not have to be provided prior to closing, however the Closing company might provide it or a Seller’s Settlement Statement, containing the same financial information but in a different format, prior to closing for the Seller’s review.

Requirements MET

Closing continues as scheduled.

Requirements NOT Met

The Closing date would be shifted accordingly.

Example: You’re set to close on Thursday May 10th so the Closing Disclosure is due Monday 7th. If it was not delivered until Tuesday May 8th Closing would be rescheduled to Friday May 11th (or later if needed to find a new date/time that works for all parties).