Earnest Money with Offer

Contracts, including applicable deadlines, often vary. See your contract, and speak to applicable professionals, to determine how any deadline may apply to you.

This is the date on or before which the earnest money must be deposited with the specified escrow holder.

A dated, time-stamped receipt should be obtained and shared with other parties.

NOTE: This deadline applies if the Buyer’s Broker has the BUYER’s earnest money check in-hand at the time of the offer, or delivers the physical check with a paper offer.

Unless otherwise agreed, earnest money deposits held by the specified broker must be deposited not later than the third business day after notice of acceptance of the contract. ~ Colorado Real Estate Manual

Otherwise agreed usually refers to Alternative Earnest Money Deadline and often that is used in lieu of having the check in hand at the time of the offer.

Requirements MET

The contract continues.

Requirements NOT Met

The contract does not appear to specify! So, it’s something to contemplate and discuss with your lawyer.

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