Record Title Objection Deadline

Contracts, including applicable deadlines, often vary. See your contract, and speak to applicable professionals, to determine how any deadline may apply to you.

This is the date on or before which the BUYER must provide written notice of objection, if any, to SELLER regarding the Title commitment.

“Buyer’s objection may be based on any unsatisfactory form or content of Title Commitment or Abstract of Title, notwithstanding § 13, or any other unsatisfactory title condition, in Buyer’s sole subjective discretion.” ~ CBS(R) [emphasis added]

NOTE: Changes to Title documents TRIGGER an automatic extension to this deadline, “… the earlier of Closing or 10 days after receipt of such documents”.

Requirements MET

IF the BUYER makes an objection in writing on or before the deadline, the Title Resolution Deadline is activated.

Requirements NOT Met

The contract continues.