About me
About Time, About Face, About Me

Welcome! I’m Rebecca Rasmussen, an Associate Broker with HomeSmart Cherry Creek.

I earned my license through the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) Division of Real Estate in December of 2015 for residential transactions. I have some educational background in architecture, construction, and business. In the construction courses, we built a house, that was fun! I’m also working my way towards being a real estate appraiser as well (long road!).

My philosophy encompasses service vs. sales, assistance vs. pressure, and guidance + education + communication vs. leaving you in the dark. If you wish, you can read more about my viewpoint on real estate transactions as a service versus a sale.

In my blog you’ll find my ramblings as I navigate my way through my career. My aim is to chronicle my experiences in a, hopefully, light-hearted way so I can look back on it over time and that others might find it a fun read in as time goes along. If my shared experiences and observations can help other agent, newbie  or otherwise, along the way, great! If the words help home buyers and sellers along the way too, fabulous! I will also be adding many pages to the site specifically geared towards assisting buyers and sellers with understanding the processes involved. I’m a visual person, so there will be diagrams galore.

Regardless of your perspective while visiting this website, I hope you’ll find something useful or interesting, or perhaps a little something to make you smile. Read all the pages and posts you want, leave comments if you wish, and feel free to use the information you find here to ask questions of your buyer/listing agent or, if an agent yourself, your current or prospective employing broker.

What’s with the funny name / dog logo? My dog, Lu C. Fur, is a Spinone pronounced spi-no-nay (not spumoni), an Italian hunting dog. The breed is friendly, smart, strong-willed, loyal, and versatile – when hunting they hunt (search), point, and retrieve. As I was thinking about those qualities, they all seemed good qualities for a real estate broker as well. While you hunt for a property (or if selling, a buyer), I will:

  • help you hunt (search),
  • point out different options and opportunities,
  • help you retrieve it, and
  • steadfastly promote your best interests during negotiations and during the contract phase.

I went with SpinOne, with the capital O, pronounced spin-one, because that’s what my husband teasingly called Lu C. when she was a pup and it seemed a good way to have some degree of distinction between the business name and the breed. So there you have it. :0)

On a more personal note, the pictures here (and most header images around the site) show a lot about me and my hubby – we go wheeling (in Jeeps), ride motorcycles (mine’s an H-D Trike), love our dogs Lu C. Fur (Spinone), L.C. (Weimaraner), and Mia Mutt (All American; passed in Feb 2017) , and enjoy travelling and hanging out with friends.