Picturing Yourself in the Driver's Seat?

Are you the DIY type? Are you organized? Adept with contracts? Good at negotiations? Ready and willing to do the marketing yourself?

If so, For Sale By Owner, a.k.a. FSBO, pronounced “Fizz-beau”, might be the thing for you.

SELLERS: This means you choose to selling your home without utilizing the services of any broker or agency. You do all the work yourself. For some sellers, this is just the thing!

There are a lot of internet services out there that might help you get your property priced, prepped, and promoted. Shop around! Some of the bigger ones, though by no means a complete list, include the following.

Additional options you might wish to explore could be low fee or flat fee agencies.

BUYERS: If working with a traditional broker just isn’t your cup of tea, you can still check out all the usual search options then also search the FSBO and the low fee and flat fee sites, and potentially approach the homeowner directly if you feel comfortable doing that.

If you would prefer to work with a traditional broker, they can certainly assist you with viewing and offering on FSBO properties and low fee and flat fee agency listings, whether or not these properties are in the MLS.



This list in no ways implies recommendation or endorsement of any of these companies or promotion of any one of these companies over another. I do not receive any compensation for posting them or from your use of their services should you choose to do so. List is merely intended as kindness to you for exploring your options. :0)