Income Properties
Work it, baby!

Ready to Make Real Estate Work for You?

Income properties potentially return money to you with positive cash flow.

Properties with 1 – 4 units are considered residential. I can help you with these directly.

Properties with 5+ units are considered commercial, and commercial is not my bailiwick. However, I’m happy to introduce you to a Broker who can assist you. You might also be interested in other Commercial opportunities.

NOTE: modifying the search criteria on this screen only updates the MAP portion (including the list on the right-hand side of the map) and not the listing below the map as these are two seperate widgets. To be able to modify criteria and have the entire page updated, please use the advanced search page. From there you'll also be able to view as map, grid, or list, as desired.

Note: Not all properties found may be shown on the map.